Saturday, May 03, 2008

slow time....

hello friends and fellow mail artists ~
as we all know, life is full of changes! the newest one in my life is an impending move from seattle to olympia. i've been commuting to work in olympia for six years, now and i just can't do it any longer. i've lived in seattle for nearly 25 years so this is a big move for me. as such, it is taking a lot of time and energy right now. as you may have already noticed, i've slowed down in both sending mail art and posting to the blog. but i've become quite addicted to sharing art through the mail, whether it's sending out random postcards to total strangers or opening my p.o. box to find some delightful creation from afar. this will be a brief slow down. i expect to be back up and running by mid-summer. and, fear not, if you send me something i'll return the favor!
thanks for stoppping by! lindall

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