Tuesday, August 30, 2005

art not war

here's the card i made for the n'ness 'art not war' swap.

the destruction
and decay...

original photo

the next little thing

i'm pretty fascinated by this phenomenon of mail art that i've just recently discovered. i think it will be a great outlet for the hand cut stamps and small prints i like to do. i've had fun swapping atcs and am working on some more for a couple of upcoming group swaps. i'll post them here when i'm done. i'm also planning to do some day of the dead atcs and postcards. i'll keep ya 'posted' ;)

in the meantime, here are some of my older works - collages made made from magazine photos:

Mag Photo Collages

Friday, August 12, 2005

more ATCs

i love the idea of ATCs, though i'm not yet a fanatic about making them. i'm working on transferring some of my art into "mini art" suitable for ATCs. here are a couple of albums.

i've made a few collages from 1/2" inch squares of magazine photos - they come out sort of like mosaics. after they are made, i make color photocopies for sale or distribution. i make other magazine photo collages as well and do the same thing. i keep the original for myself and only make an edition of three for distribution. sometimes it takes a couple of copies to get the correct color scale. then i end up with rejects. i decided to cut up the rejects into ATC sizes and mount them. that's what you'll see here:
Collage ATCs

i've also done some monoprints. it's a technique that creates one-of-a-kind prints. there are various ways to do this but these were done with oil-based etching ink on plexiglass with various additions and then printed on print paper on a heavy press. again, these cards are made from reject prints. some of them have been embellished with my own hand carved stamps or other additions. the leaf prints are made from actual leaf skeletons. you can see them here. i'll add more as they are finished: MonoPrint ATCs

Sunday, August 07, 2005

available to trade

i like to take photos. i especially like to take odd photos... even abstractions. here are some photo atcs available to swap:

Photo ATCs

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

start... stop... start... stop...

...as i said, looking for the perfect medium with which to express myself.

check this out:
collage sketches