Thursday, November 22, 2007

getting caught up

here are a few things that didn't get posted before i left on vacation:

the third and last set of 'inchies' from genieinthebottle
(they came in a really cool little crocheted box!)

and the third of the 'Red' postcard swap from Melissa Hope

a wonderful botanical postcard from BEE at

(and if you're a PX'er and haven't checked in recently you should probably see if your profile is still there. some menace with nothing better to do deleted most of the old profiles - but we're coming back in force!)

from lezbag, a postcard from the Joseph Cornell show at SF MOMA.
i would love to have seen that show!

from Mailarta

and a stack of cards from kelly moore, which i left at
my neighborhood coffee shop, Cloud City

Sunday, November 11, 2007