Friday, June 29, 2007

Director's Cut

Rod Kretlow made a set of cards collaged from trimmings of his watercolor paintings. they were all so beautiful i couldn't even choose! this is the one i got.

from MANUZ

the originals of these two got lost in the mail so marvelous MANUZ sent me a nice copy of her original Frida drawing and her own card from a three-person jam we did with CZ Lovecraft. i hope her first batch shows up some day so i can return them to her! i guess that's one of the dangers of the wonderful world of mailart!

just an update

i don't have web access at home these days so i've been a bit behind uploading images. a few of my last scans came out crooked and i didn't notice until i was uploading things. i'll get them re-scanned and posted soon.

Send More Mail Art!!!

from Marline Dunn

for May Carve Mensis

from frips

from Elizadeath

from Amy Dietz

for June Carve Mensis