Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fortunes, Predictions, advice...

these are from the outstiderarttradingcards group swap "Fortunes". there is actually a 4th card from Kristie LaRose but it exploded glitter and i couldn't bear to put it on my scanner :(

these are from Xtina, Maxi, and Pati, respectively:

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theo said...

Hi Lindal,
The “exploding glitter” phenomenon. Paul Brown and I do ATC workshops here in Alberta in conjunction with a travelling exhibition of ATCs. A majority of the venues are schools and glitter is the “crack” of card making materials for kids. One school we did last year had giant bottles of glitter and even though we made a system to contain the glitter (as opposed to pouring it directly on a card!) I think I was expelling glitter from my airways for a week afterwards.