Sunday, September 30, 2007


hello friends,
if you've stopped by to see what's new, thanks for your interest.
i'll be away travelling for most of the month of october so there probably won't be another post until november.
do come back again!


torben doose said...

xxzkpfDear Lindall,Am still fighting with my blog...A friend of mine told me about where everybody goes...well,yes,but is it simple?!We're already five days in november and you haven't come back from holiday?

Anonymous said...

hello torben,
i am back (for two weeks now) but haven't had much time for blogging or mail art yet. perhaps this weekend. i haven't tried MySpace, or even visited it much but i find most of those type of sites too 'busy' with 'my friends' and 'instant messaging' and the like. i prefer blogger because its simple and straightforward. but i guess it depends on what you want to do. i mostly just want to post the mail art i recieve and some art i make for others to see. i actually keep most of my small stuff (ATCs and mail art) stored on Flickr, which is also pretty easy to use (though not real flexible.) email me directly if you like.