Monday, December 11, 2006

from Pati Bristow

...a perfect holiday greeting. this is what "Peace on Earth" means...

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pati b said...

THanks for "getting it".
Also thanks for your post on my ShoppiTrolley blog.Those photos were taken as part of a project called "Bay Area Faces". I went as part of a big group of photographers to the San Jose Flea Market, San Francisco Farmers Market, and Berkeley Flea Market, and set up a photo areas and invited passers-by to have their photo taken, in exchange for copies of said photos. The best results were exhibited at Foothill College's Kraus Innovation center last spring. These were my proofs, multiples of the same faces, two similar poses, cut apart and woven back together. I think they came out alright.
Thanks for the compliment. I'll send you a couple ... RAK.