Sunday, June 25, 2006

new prints

i've just made two new ATC sized soft-block carvings. i've made several prints from each one and will continue to experiment with these two on different backgrounds. i'm sending a copy of CrowFlies to Eraserqueen.


ArtPfunk said...

Hey! Its Eraserqueen :D I just recieved the crow ATC and it is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! I'll be sending you a thank you ATC, so be on the lookout ;) I love your heart print ATC as well, would you like to trade for it? Or, if you are making any more soft block carved ATC's I'd like to trade for them too :D eeek!! Carving is addictive! lol

lindall said...

it is addictive, that's for sure. i think i like the carving as much as the prints! i would be happy to trade handcarved prints. also, i'm hosting a "Carve Your Own..." swap on ATCards Forum, if you're interested.

ArtPfunk said...

Oh! Yeah, I am interested :D I'll go check it out :D

The carving is fun, and then figuring out different ways to make the same image look different..I really love your idea of carving a background to place a stamped image over..very cool.