Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the new year

well, it is the beginning of another year and a time when many people evaluate the past year and make resolutions for the coming year. i usually begin this process around Samhain and continue it through the beginning of the Gregorian year. i just looked at my Solstice wishes and resolutions made last winter. i made a resolution to make art and work on integrating with an art community. i also wished for Peace through the end of divided communities through openness and acceptance. i'm happy to say that i do feel like i've made some progress and am contributing toward that lofty goal in my own life. i have enjoyed being part of a few on-line communities sharing art across the globe. it's both a connection with real people and the act of sending a little piece of myself out into the unknown. it's quite rewarding.

on the other hand, i have also come to a place in my (real) career where i have had to make a decision about whether to commit to the demands of my job for a time or leave it for something simpler and less stressful. i've decided on the career path for now. sadly, with that decision has come the realization that i must give up my studio. i've had a separate space to do art for many years and i've enjoyed this space for over 5 years now. i love it and will miss it but i am in the process of packing it up. i'll be keeping some things available for small mail-art projects but much of it will go into storage for later when i can have more time and energy to devote to it.

but, on a lighter note and in keeping with the goal of supporting Peace through art, here are three ATCs i've received recently from Leah Felicity in PA, Katie in MO, and Mindy in NV, respectively. Great work, don't you think?

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