Monday, December 26, 2005

linda needs

here's an odd little 'google' game...

enter your name + "needs" (linda needs) and record the first 10 entries on the list:

  1. linda needs to be a part of a loving, committed marriage
  2. linda needs the following donated to the WorldHeart Foundation for future disaster relief
  3. linda needs sleep
  4. linda needs to rest her hands from all the orders she has had to make these past few months
  5. linda needs to have one program for capturing customer data
  6. linda needs a new best friend
  7. linda needs some help with her appearance
  8. linda needs to be bright, lighting on the LCD screen
  9. linda needs to be gone after
  10. linda needs to get Kerri the registration dates for Spring and Summer activities

now, it's odd enough, these random bits of internet advice coming from the ether, but what is odder still is the source material that produces them...

check it out, and have fun. i think i'll go get some sleep.

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